Garbage Beirut Lebanon Sukleen Hamra

What Does It Take?

What does it take for us to understand the severity of this situation?
Does it take the stench of burning garbage to reach your homes?
Does it take a public health crisis- diseases spreading like wildfire?
Does it take the death of a child?
Or will we not mobilize unless the problem reaches our backyards?

What does it take for us to recognize the problem for what it really is?
This isn’t just a corrupt government, or one corporation that is handling waste management.
This is a symptom of an entire system.
This is what happens when services like waste management are privatized,
And function for profit rather than the well-being of society.

What does it take for us to understand that this is a political issue?
It’s not about finding a group of scientists who can come up with a solution.
It’s about holding the rulers accountable for how our tax money is being spent.
Being political is the fundamental aspect of any functioning democratic society.
We can’t ask for some rights, while ignoring the importance of others.
All rights are important.

What does it take for us organize and take action collectively?
Without waiting for someone else to give us the green light?

No more white ribbons.
Let’s not limit this to mere conversation and media-friendly stunts.
This needs serious action.
We protested for months.
But what really shook the establishment was when we escalated.

It’s time to throw a wrench into this failed machine.

What are we waiting for?

What does it take?

We want to hear your ideas.

Hamra Lebanon Garbage LAU Lebanese American University Sukleen
Photo via Kareem Chehayeb


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