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Ramlet al-Bayda’s Demolition Disrupted By Protests

The destruction of Ramlet al-Bayda, Beirut’s last public beach, is already underway. While Ralmet al-Bayda is one of then many cases of Lebanon’s neoliberal economic policy putting profit over people, there has been an extraordinary level of urgency when it comes to this beach (and understandably so).

Fearing that Beirut will be the first and only Mediterranean city without a public beach, several activists have been busy trying to deter the construction process of yet another high-end and expensive luxury resort. Eden Bay Resorts, by Achour Development, consists of 110 chalets and 53 cabins, designed for the upper 1% of Lebanon’s population.

Ramlet al-Bayda
From inclusive to exclusive: Eden Bay Resorts’ chalets. via Achour Development’s official website.

On Monday, November 14, activists headed to Ramlet al-Bayda to disrupt the demolition process. Activist Whard (picture above) was punched in the face, sustaining facial injuries, by a man in plain clothing. The Red Cross never showed up, and the police did not take any action, according to the live video feed. In a quick conversation with Whard, he urged that people turn their outrage into peaceful action, because this is an issue that impacts everyone.

Ramlet al-Bayda Beirut
Protestors try to halt the demolition and draining process in Ramlet al-Bayda. Photo via We Want Accountability.

Whard was treated at the American University of Beirut Medical Center last night. Like many other brave activists who have sustained assaults from the Lebanese establishment, has promised to keep taking action. At the end of our chat, he urged everyone to attend tonight’s protest at Ramlet al-Bayda at 7 PM.

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