People protested the new tax hikes and levies last Sunday, March 19, 2017.  Riad el Solh square, Beirut
Photo by Sarah Shmaitilly

Lebanon Protests New Tax Hikes

For four consecutive days, people took to the streets to protest the new taxes and levies. The parliament, last week, approved several new taxes on travel, imported alcohol, cement, and increased fees on deposit profits, different notary and governmental transactions, and other taxes. MPs also approved the increase of VAT to 11%. Their justification for the proposal is that it is a way to avoid a $4 billion budget deficit. People demand the progressive taxation of banks and corporations instead, especially when no services are being provided in return.

The following photos are from protests that took place on Saturday in Hamra by the Central Bank, and on Sunday in Riad el Solh square, Beirut.

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Photos were taken by Sarah Shmaitilly.


For the love of science
You still haven’t taken our underwear away from us!
The great peoples of Facebook, where art thou?
The government can’t get enough!
We have no clue what was happening here…

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"It's not a shortage of money, it's the excess of thieves" - Hamra, Beirut
“It’s not a shortage of money, it’s the excess of thieves” – Hamra, Beirut
One sign reads "Riad Salameh (the governor of the Central Bank) is an economic criminal" - Hamra, Beirut
One sign reads “Riad Salameh (the governor of the Central Bank) is an economic criminal” – Hamra, Beirut
Princess Leia was there in spirit.


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