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10 Lebanese Clickbait Headlines To Make Your Day

When all else fails: clickbait?

Lebanon’s primary media outlets have been struggling financially for quite some time. Talks have recently resumed about potentially bailing out some of Lebanon’s many struggling newspapers, after news surfaced about the financial struggles of Assafir, Annahar, and Al Mustaqbal newspapers. Long story short, we believe the bailout options are pretty ineffective.

Newspapers and news channels have been resorting to clickbait on their social media accounts to try to generate some revenue. To what extent is this strategy working? So far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to save them from financial collapse…but it sure is entertaining (and not for the reasons they’ve hoped for). Below are some of the most absurd clickbait posts from Lebanon’s mainstream media.

Clickbait Lebanon MTV News Beirut
“This is how they practiced prostitution, and this is how he exploited them”


Clickbait MTV Lebanon Beirut News
“Take note of these signs that indicate her sexual desires”


Clickbait Lebanon Beirut LBC LBCI News
“Celebrity Dolly Chahine retires from entertainment and goes back to church…”


Al Jadeed Clickbait Lebanon Beirut News
“They left their child in the car! This is what happened…”


Clickbait Al Jadeed Lebanon News Beirut
“This plane’s engine caught fire…and here’s what happened to the passengers!”


Clickbait Lebanon Future TV News Beirut
“Sophia Ritchie leaves Justin Bieber’s home in her pajamas”
Clickbait UAE Future TV News Lebanon Beirut
“He survived the Emirates Airlines fire and won a million dollars”


Clickbait Lebanon Aljadeed Beirut News
“A plastic surgeon turns this patient into an attractive woman and marries her…watch how it happened!”


Clickbait LBC News Beirut Lebanon
“In pictures: Watermelons the size of grapes!”
Clickbait Lebanon Beirut LBC LBCI News
In Pictures: [LBCI News reporter] Dima Sadek with her daughter Whard…do they look alike?





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